Unwanted Consequences of a Blocked Dryer Vent

Because small amounts of lint escapes the dryer filter and accumulates in the exit ducting it will start closing off the vent and restricting the airflow. This forces the dryer to work harder and longer to complete the drying cycle.

This is often one of the least thought of and most ignored areas of maintenance in your home. So when you do have your dryer vent cleaned the return on investment is huge . . .

The Drying Time of Your Laundry is Reduced

Less energy consumed = lower hydro bill
Less wear and tear on your dryer = dryer lasts longer between repairs/replacement


Remove Risk of Fire in Dryer Vent

Because the lint trap of your dryer catches only about 50% of the lint, a great percentage of the other 50% could plug your vent risking a fire with heat built up by dryer use

Remove the risk by simply cleaning yearly

Risk of Water Damage

When moisture from laundry cannot escape the dryer vent it condenses in the vent forming pools of water, this water seeps out of the vent into walls or ceilings causing further water damage

Remove the risk by simply cleaning yearly

A Higher Standard Of Cleaning Guaranteed!

While having Alpha Carpet and Duct Cleaning clean your HVAC system and ductwork a few extra minutes will improve the efficiency of your dryer and give you peace of mind.

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